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Re: [Rabbits] [Fluxx] Question for Ask Andy

  • From"Seth Ruskin" <rathorne@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateWed, 21 Mar 2007 18:19:32 -0400

Though I've conceded that my experience doesn't make me right, I just want to clarify one thing. It wasn't -my- house rule, per se. It's what I've seen in every gaming club game, convention event game, gaming store game, and casual pick-up game I've been in. That was how it was done when I was taught the game, and it's how I've seen other Rabbits do it. It's just never been an item of discussion; it was just assumed that you increase it to Hand Limit 1.

Those are your house rules, and there's nothing wrong with that.
I hope it doesn't sound condescending when I say this.  Ultimately,
with any game, the goal is to have fun (except perhaps for some
tournaments), and you should always agree on and play with the set
of rules that will maximize the fun.

Certainly simpler to go with the changed title than to explain
how HL0 is unaffected... but going strictly by what the card says,
I have to disagree... unless your copy of HL0 does use numerals
and is therefore affected differently.  I haven't consulted a 2.0
or 2.1 deck.


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