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Re: [Rabbits] Atlanta Comics Expo... Anyone working it?

  • From"Billy Brahma" <billybrahma@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateFri, 20 Apr 2007 23:04:12 -0400

You know...

Whether intentional or not...

After the day I've had today... that email was the one thing I was really needing...

A good relaxing laugh..

I spent 4 hours today screaming at verizon people on the phone and in the store.. and they had to call the Georgia regional sales president in to stop me from making it even longer... If I ever hear some sycophant say "sorry sir but company policy is...." ever again I swear I'll do something news worthy. I basicly just camped out in the middle of the store with a book and a MP3 player and refused to move until I heard something else... They were wrong... six people had admitted it six times... and still said... sorry we can't help you.... So I said.. ' Good... your a phone company... call someone who can.. " and sat down..

So I never got any of the phone calls made to those who need to know I'll be there to hawk product tomorrow... I hope I'll have some merchandise to move off shelves...

Sigh.. anyway... if you get some free time in all that stuff you typed... I'd love to see you guys.. its only 10 for a single day... I never get into Atlanta to do anything so I don't get to see anyone.. ever ...


From: Amy LoCurto <amyflocurto@xxxxxxxxx>
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To: Rabbits Discussion List <rabbits@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: [Rabbits] Atlanta Comics Expo... Anyone working it?
Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2007 13:45:28 -0700 (PDT)


Billy Brahma <billybrahma@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Anyone working the Atlanta Comi cs Expo?

Two of Atlantas most supportive dealers will be in the dealers room...

Will there be Rabbits there?  There are two dedicated gaming rooms for
gaming.. and i've seen no conversation...

This is a Dragon Committee event and we have yet to no-show one of there
events in several years... I'd hate there new event to be the first

Not sure If I can make it... life is getting in the way of planning this
weekend..  I will call and make sure we get some tables reserved... DO WE
HAVE PEOPLE TO DEMO ON THEM?  I can drop the games I have.. table
coverings... giant flowers etc...  and possibly my presence...

I just want to cover this show... the dealers have a great relationship wtih Georgia rabbits and the show organizers have a great relationship with us...
  Any volunteers to help keep that up?

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