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Re: [Fluxx] Attention Play First-ers: Beware of Draw 2 & Use 'Em!

  • FromAnestis Kozakis <kenosti@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateThu, 11 Oct 2007 01:29:50 +1000
James H wrote:
 If you play Draw 2 and Use 'Em before you have completed your draw phase, it
 will deplete your Draw quota by two. Recall that D2aUE causes you to draw
 and play two cards instantly, but the plays don't count toward your play
 limit for the turn. However, the draws do! So if the rules are "Draw 5, Play
1" and you play D2aUE right away, you only have three cards left to draw. Draw
 3, Play 2 of Them is even worse for this!

Were that true, wouldn't it be true *regardless* of whether you're
a "play first-er" or a "then play-er"?

For instance, if one of the drawn cards increases the Draw rule by
2, wouldn't the player of the action be ineligible to do so?

It's my belief that Action cards inherently allow you to break the
rules in special ways.

I have to agree here.

Both "Draw 3, Play 2" and "Draw 2 and Use 'Em" both state that you put your hand aside. To me, they are "outside" of your normal play routine, and thus do not count towards your draw or play limits.

Remember, they are Action Cards, not Rules Cards.

However, they are still affected by Inflation (if it's on the table).

Elliott C. "Eeyore" Evans


Anestis Kozakis