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RE: [Fluxx] Attention Play First-ers: Beware of Draw 2 & Use 'Em!

  • From"Virden, Larry W." <lvirden@xxxxxxx>
  • DateWed, 10 Oct 2007 12:37:35 -0400

From:  James Hazelton

 >  can't assume that D2&UE allows two free draws. In both cases, it's not mentioned on the card. 
I can understand your view - but I disagree. Here's why.
The first time I saw the "Draw 2 and Use Them" card (or one of the similar cards, the basic rules were in place - draw 1, play 1.
By your logic, I couldn't play the card at all - because I'd already used my 1 draw when I picked the card.
That's not my interpretation of the card. My interpretation is
"In the course of the game, when the player invokes this card, the player interrupts whatever else s/he was doing, lays their deck down, draws two cards,
does whatever those two cards says, then picks up their hand, and continues in the flow of their turn". If, during the playing of those two cards,
other "draw a card" type actions take place, those all occur before the player considers the playing of that card is complete.
That's the way the Fluxx universe in which my circle of players live. However, I understand that others live in parallel universes where other laws exist...
I sure am glad that we each get to choose how our Fluxx universe works!


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