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Inflation may be a bit of a pain for keeping track in a larger group, but it does help if you vocalize it each time you draw and each time it changes.  Inflation can also be a fun way to work a bit of math lesson into your reading lesson if you are dealing with younger children, or even children who have difficulties with either subject.


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I think the cards I like most are the ones that throw a little bit of chaos into the game.  So I like the action cards like Scramble keepers, or Rotate hands.  Things that do not make a completely random game, but cause a little scrambling in order to adjust to an unexpected situation.



As for dislike, I think my least favorite card of all is the Inflation rule.  I like the concept of it, but in most games it slows games down as everybody stops and does math.  Not just figuring out what to draw and play, but then checking their cards of numerals.  And to be honest, it's not like it's intolerable by any stretch.  It's just the one card I would single out as least favorite.  It would either be that, or keeper television, because there is never anything good on television.



2008/3/9 Scott Sulzer <ssulzer@xxxxxxxxxx>:

Hello all,

Just wanted to throw out for discussion, what are your favorite and/or least favorite cards in Fluxx, and why.

If it's a specific card, please include the Fluxx type and version, in case it isn't included in other versions.

Personally, I find steal/trash a keeper to be the most annoying, as you don't even get a choice in the matter.  At least with keeper limits you are allowed to choose which cards are disposed of.


My favorite, at this point, would have to be the empty hand bonus.  It works great, in my opinion, whenever the draw is lower than the play, or play all is in effect.


How about you?