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Re: [Fluxx] Draw First + Other things & Clarification

  • From"Rev. Bob" <redbaron@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateWed, 5 Nov 2008 17:21:26 -0500
Just a few quick answers:

On Wed, Nov 5, 2008 at 4:49 PM,  <AniLocatN@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> Next I'd like to comment on 1, 2, 5! + Inflation.

It's already been ruled that one of these replaces the other when
played, in the same way that Draw 3 and Draw 5 replace each other.

> As a side note to 1, 2, 5!, does the 3-Headed Giant indeed become a 5-Headed
> Giant?

Yes, but it's pretty pointless except for the long-shot Goal idea you had.

> Clarifying Fake Accent - Speak once in an outrageous accent = play 1 card.
> Speak once at the end of your turn, continue it till the beginning of your
> next turn, and speak once at the beginning of your turn = play 2 cards. Is
> that the bare minimum to receive the effect?

As long as you're otherwise silent at the table, sure.  If you talk to
someone else and "drop accent" in doing so, you lose the extra bonus.

> Clarifying I Just Want to Sing! - How much of a song should be sung to
> receive credit? 1 line? More than 1 line? Is humming fine?

Group's discretion.  I usually figure about a line is sufficient;
enough to positively identify the song.  Humming is right out, though;
instrumental pieces aren't songs, humming isn't singing, and the whole
idea of the card is demonstrating your knowledge of
increasingly-obscure song lyrics.  One need not sing on-key, though.

> Clarifying What is Your Quote - First, the player is allowed to look at the
> cards before stating the number of lines they will say, correct?

Of course.

> Next, is it
> interpretted to be back and forth lines to accomplish the action?

The dialogue quoted has to involve at least two Pythons (or extras),
but need not involve multiple players.  Saying "Yes it is! No it
isn't! Yes it is!" to invoke three lines from the Argument sketch is
just fine - you're one person, but you're quoting three lines that
were said on-screen by two characters.

> Also, this is not able to
> be split up when 1, 2, 5! is in play, correct?

Does the card say "3 lines" or "three lines"?  Remember, 1/2/5 only
affects *numerals*, not spelled-out words.

> One cannot do 2 and 3? Can
> they do 3 or 4 lines for 3 or 4 cards, or does it not count unless it's 5 at
> that point? Likely all fairly simple answers, but I wanted to clarify.

1, 2, 5! says nothing about fabricating intermediate steps out of whole cloth.

> Clarifying Run Away! Run Away! - For the rules-nazi's, how is a fair way to
> decide who gets what without being influenced by what others who act faster
> decide? Perhaps rotating around in turn order from the active player,
> setting them aside but going to that person when the card resolves?

It's chaos, just like deciding who goes first by who says the words
first.  Some people will be faster than others - deal with it.

> --- Point to note is that Zombie Jamboree specifies shuffling them together,
> meaning the dealing contents are random. Return of the Dead does not,

Two different cards, with two different wordings.  One has no bearing
on the other.

> however. Is it important what the order was in the discard pile? Does it
> start with the topmost and go around as you go down the discard pile? Or do
> you get to choose who gets what, as long as you choose in a circular manner
> so that the dealing is evenly distributed?

Doesn't matter.  Besides, who says you have to deal "in a circular
manner"?  It's not on the card....

In sum, it looks like you're trying to infer a lot of rules that
aren't there, and those inferred rules are causing a lot of headaches.
 Just read the cards and do what they say.  It really is that easy.

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