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Re: [Fluxx] Draw First + Other things & Clarification

  • FromAniLocatN@xxxxxxx
  • DateThu, 6 Nov 2008 01:30:27 EST
In a message dated 11/5/2008 5:41:57 PM Central Standard Time, games@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

I have in play Inflation, and 1,2,5!, so that's really 2,3,6!

I play Draw 3.  Applying my 2,3,6, nothing happens.  Inflating it,
makes it Draw 4.

I still only applied each card to it once.


That's not correct though. You applied the cards in opposite order of the original application. You affected 1, 2, 5! first, before considering the effect of 1, 2, 5! Because you made 1, 2, 5! into a 2, 3, 6!, that means that Inflation has already made its pass across the playing field and can no longer affect any other cards.

You can't pick and choose the order in which one affects the field vs the other. That order must be consistant and hit all cards at the same time. Inflation does a sweep and all cards are adjusted based on their values, then 1, 2, 5! does its sweep. Or visa versa. You can't say Inflation affects 1, 2, 5!, then 1, 2, 5! affects Draw X, and then Inflation affects Draw X.

I thought, from previous discussions in the archives, that the people in this list would be more open to seeing things from a different perspective. The cards do not conflict unless you pick and choose when they affect different cards. If you take one into account for all cards, and then take the other into account for all cards, everything works fine.

-Tobias Amaranth

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