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Re: [Fluxx] 1,2,5! + Inflation

  • From"Mark D. McKean" <qpanda@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateWed, 05 Nov 2008 18:01:49 -0500
on 11/5/08 5:16 pm, Christopher Hickman at tophu@xxxxxxx wrote:

>> Next I'd like to comment on 1, 2, 5! + Inflation.
>> No matter which order you apply them in, as long as you decide that things
>> are only applied once, anything that was originally 3 ends up counting as a
>> 6. 
> No, that is not correct.  These two New Rules are incompatible and each causes
> the other to be discarded upon play.  This is covered in the FAQ portion of
> the Monty Python Fluxx rules sheet.

That may be the official stance, but I have a house rule allowing both in
play at once. Once I get some Meta-Rule Blanxx, I'll make up a Meta-Rule for
it. The combination is too much fun to be dismissed by fiat, IMO. :-)

Mark M.

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