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Re: [Fluxx] Draw First + Other things & Clarification

  • FromAniLocatN@xxxxxxx
  • DateThu, 6 Nov 2008 13:18:20 EST
In the sense of pure literal, which I have been applying in several other cases, I am still somewhat correct:

Anytime a numeral is seen on another card, add one to that numeral. For example, 1 becomes 2, while one remains one.

One, Two, Five!
Anytime the numeral 3 appears on another card, treat that number as though it were really a 5.

Both have a slightly different literal action. One just says add, which could either be taken to change it or to actually treat it as one higher. While on 125, is specifically says treat it. That applies for all cases that would affect those numbers, including Inflation.

Also from the MP Rules insert I have (though someone has quoted something from another location) "For example, the 1,2,5 rule from Monty Python Fluxx contradicts the Inflation rule in original Fluxx, but it doesn't say so on either card. So proceed with caution,..." It doesn't say that one should be discarded, just that they supposedly conflict, and I see no actual confliction based on proper order.

Remember, Andy's rulings are as ever-changing as Fluxx itself. Just a year ago, drawing wasn't required to be first, and you could discard to hand-limits at any time during your turn. Now, turn order is static. The playing field is static as well, and I stand by the fact that you cannot go "Inflation->125->236; 236->Draw X; Inflation->Draw X" since that is just not how card games, even Fluxx, work.

I'm just trying to explain how such a card would work in conjunction with others in any tournament-style card game. Both would remain, and any time you check a number on a card, you must mentally reset each card to its original value, and then apply them globaly one at a time. The difference between Fluxx and MTG would be that the specific order does not need to apply, only the method of applying the order. (One does not need to remember the order that cards came into play)

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