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RE: [Icehouse] Marketing (was: What about Volcano?)

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While I find her close-mindedness laughable and somewhat scary, I *did*
convince her to come to the website.  She was thorough in her
investigation and particularly objected to Stoner Fluxx, not to mention
various other opinions expressed on the site that she found
objectionable.  I don't share her bias, but in retrospect I'm surprised
that I haven't encountered it more often.

It is what it is.


Boing!  (My way of signaling a sudden change of topic or general non

Why don't we adopt a YEAR OF TREEHOUSE program?  All Rabbits and other
assorted Icehouse/Looney Labs enthusiasts agree to give Treehouse sets
for all our gift giving needs this year?  Birthday?  Christmas?  St.
Fnorber's Day (My own personal holiday... I take it once a year without
warning)?  Give Treehouse!

You can give other stuff too, but add Treehouse to it.


Any takers?

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Jeremy L. wrote:
> the final one (much younger than the rest) said that he asked for it
> for Christmas, but his Mom thought it had something to do with beer
> and refused.

Ah yes, the Beer Volcano. Many devout Pastfarians believe that since
the Beer Volcano is an aspect of the heaven promised to us by the
Flying Spaghetti Monster (may you be touched by his noodly appendage)
that any attempt to experience this wonder on Earth (like entering a
terrestrial strip club when an entire Stripper Factory awaits us in
the afterlife) is a sacrilege.

Does this child dress entirely in Pirate regalia? If so, he may be
part of an Orthodox FSM family. Please assure his mother that it be
a good game about acquisition, nefarious plotting, and the reduction
of global warming; and that either no beverages at all or only good
wholesome beverages like rum are consumed while playing.

For more information - http://www.venganza.org/

Elliott C. "Eeyore" Evans
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