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  • DateWed, 1 Mar 2006 22:16:22 -0500

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I still fail to understand her fears. I don't see how having a game that shares the name of a beverage alchoholic or otherwise will lead your son or daughter to drink that beverage. That is like thinking that drinking Coke will lead you to snorting cocaine.

...or like thinking that just hearing a product brand name enough will make people want to buy that product. Oh wait... that DOES happen. If it didn't, large companies wouldn't continue to pour money into advertising campaigns that work that way.

I was not concerned by her intitial confusion, but rather that her opinion remained the same after research and deliberation.

While I personally think the lady in question was being tad overprotective in this case, I definitely understand what she was concerned about and how her concern over brand name similarity could remain even after research, deliberation and (I assume) the conclusion that the game had ntohing to do with beer.