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Re: [Icehouse] Possible Zendo game at SDG

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  • DateSat, 4 Mar 2006 02:06:47 -0500
there is a computer game called zendo-san that does a passable job o accounting for some of the possibilites of pyramid placement. It is pc only i believe but don't take my word for it. It's worth checking out just to get some ideas that perhaps you hadn't considered.

On 3/3/06, Ryan McGuire and Kerry Breitenbach <kerry_and_ryan@xxxxxxx > wrote:
2) Turns.  Much the game can be language neutral/silent.  You only have to
put your guess into words when you want to spend a guessing stone to try to
win the game.

See http://www.wunderland.com/WTS/Kory/Games/Zendo/HowToPlay.html

1) That is a pretty big simplification from the standard game.  I think it
lose a lot of the "juiciness" of the original.  However, I'd but that it
would "work".  People have used the basic Zendo rules on all sorts of "koan
spaces": words, sentences, objects we found in my desk at work.

Then again, maybe some games weren't meant to be played online.


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> Having finally purchased my own pyramids and started playing with them, I
> am very interested in possibly adding Zendo to the SDG lineup in some
> fashion or other.  The problem is, I have never played before and am
> unfamiliar with how the game flows.  I am hoping to get some good
> feedback.
> 1) I realize that koans can be very freeform.  By necessity however, an
> online implementation would impose some basic restrictions on the types of
> koans that could be generated.  My current plan is to design a set of text
> commands that can be used to auto-generate PNG images of various pyramid
> configurations.  The restrictions that immediatly come to mind are the
> following:
>   - Pyramids could probably only face up, N, E, S, and W.  No leaning =(
>   - Multiple pyramids would likely need to be arranged in a square
> grid-like relationship to one another and not in nice circles or wavy
> lines.
> Would such restrictions make the game significantly less playable? While a
> drag-and-drop method of koan generation would be ideal, it is highly
> problematic from my standpoint.  Would a text interface be too much of a
> barrier if made as simple as possible?
> 2) As for gameflow itself, can somebody explain to me how it actually
> works?  Are there "turns" or is it pretty free-flow?  When a student
> presents a koan to the master or fellow students, must they state
> explicitely in words as well what they think the buddah nature is as well.
> Anyway, I have to run but I think these explain my primary questions. Any
> feedback you could offer would be great.  I'm really hopeful I can come up
> with something.
> Cheers!
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