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The best way to get wonderfully printed cardboard pyramids would be to have
them Litho Laminated.  This is a process where they print the nice design
that you want and then glue it to the cardboard.  It can be VERY nicely
done.  The reverse side doesn't need to be brown either.  It could be white.
I work with Litho Laminated sheets all day long.  I have seen some kewl
things done in the past.  Depending on the quantities that we are talking
about it could be reasonably affordable.  They could even be done in a
glossy white instead of a dull white if you were thinking about generic
pyramids.  The glossy white looks better when drawn on or painted.


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> Kristin wrote:
> > I make no promises on how soon I will make more...  trust me when I say
> > to-do list is out of control, and this does not fall very high on the
> > priority list. But there are several very vocal stores who are begging
> > more giant pyramids - so sure hope this will happen sometime this
> I harbor this dream of having some of the cardboard sheets printed
> or painted before they get run through the die cutter.
> This dream probably isn't fully-baked enough to think about as part
> of the actual product, but maybe available as a pre-order special?
> I don't know how the painting or printing would be accomplished in
> a way that wouldn't munge the cutter.
> ...just a dream...
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> PS: Speaking of dreams, last night I had a dream about finding a
> shack in the woods that was built out of those crunky organizer
> cubes. It was built right in the middle of the trail, so I picked
> it up and dropped it.
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