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  • DateTue, 18 Apr 2006 06:30:48 -0500
Greetings!  I would just like to express that I particularly was looking
forward to painting the pyramids whatever design I wanted.  I was sold with
that idea when I saw the tie-dyed looking ones at Dragon Con.  I am a little
discouraged about the idea to make them out of plastic since often plastic
does not like to hold on to paint well.  

In lieu of you all making another run of these large pyramids, is there any
way I could get the plans and make them myself?  I totally understand if you
don't want to give that sort of thing out.  I just had to ask, though.  :)  

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--On April 5, 2006  ryan wrote:

> Let me put this bug in your ear:
> Can you get cardboard pre-colored?  You could sell Giant Treehouse sets
> without having the consumer break out the spray paint.  Even cooler is
> that the same product could provide you with EITHER a monochrome stash OR
> a Treehouse set depending on which side was out when you folded them.
> (Of course that one monochrome color might end up being cardboard brown.)

Colored giant pyramids is already my plan...

Which is a lot of why it can't happen as quickly as just telling them
to make more just like they did last time. I'll try to get to it soon!

-Kristin (of the pyramid manufacturing variety)

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