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Re: [Icehouse] Next Gen Giant Icehouse

  • FromMike Sugarbaker <misuba@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateWed, 19 Apr 2006 23:20:56 -0700
Jesse Welton wrote:
Kristin's right when
she says it's probably not worth the labor involved, though.  It's a
fair amount of labor just assembling them from prepunched, prescored
cardboard, let alone cutting and scoring them yourself.

Is the spirit of the pieceniks truly dead? "Not worth the labor"?

I spent roughly $400, plus a little time spent thinking through measurements and logistics, having the original foam giantpieces made. I am hugely (ha) glad I did and would not trade these pieces for anything. Well, okay, for some things I would, but at the moment they are completely unique in the world and I prize them.

If you do a little research (I recommend Make magazine - Eeyore's been in it!) and think laterally, you can probably tinker up a solution for making giant pieces that's even better than the cardboard kits. It's worth it. Create the next generation.

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