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[Icehouse] two Treehouse questions

  • FromMark Lentczner <markl@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateWed, 3 May 2006 06:28:11 -0700
=== Mirror Question ===

Is the match between the house and the mirror independent of reflection? For example:

House:   <3 ^1 ^2
My Trio: ^2 ^1 >3

Did I win? My trio, viewed from the other side of the table would match.

Seems to me that since you play with players often around a table, with the house in the center - this must be true, since there is no natural "front" of the house.

=== Wild Rule Question ===

When rolling a "Wild", what is the interaction between the general rule:
	G: "If your trio can, you must; else you may to the house"
and the wild rule:
	W: "your trio or your house"

Is it:

1) W trumps G
You pick an action, and apply it to either the trio or the house. You may choose to apply it to the house even if the action you picked could be applied to your trio.

2) W, then G
You pick an action, then if you can do that action to your trio, you must. Only if you can't apply the picked action to your trio can you apply it to the house. And only then may you decide not to do anything.

3) G first, then W
If you can pick any action that would apply to the trio, you must. Only if none of the actions are possible on the trio, then you may pick an action to apply to the house.

Clearly, option 3 is absurd, as there is always at least one action that can apply to a trio.

But the difference between option 1 and 2 can be important:

Trio:  <3 ^1,2
House: <3 ^1 <2

If I roll a Wild, under interpretation 1, I can pick Dig, apply it to the left pointing 2 in the house, and win. Under interpretation 2, if I pick Dig, I'd have to apply it to left pointing 3 in my own trio.

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See what happens when you let a bunch of computer programmers play a game?!?!?!

	- Mark "Rule Lawyer" Lentczner

Mark Lentczner

P.S.: Was the ascii-art treehouse notation clear?
	< = left leaning	3 = large piece
	^ = upright		2 = medium piece
	> = right leaning	1 = small piece
	    stacks are listed top to bottom

Ex.:	Initial House: <3 ^1 >2
	Initial Tree:  ^1,2,3
	A Nest:        ^3,2,1