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RE: [Icehouse] Single-Stash/Treehouse Games for "Pocket Pyramids" PDF

  • FromDavid Artman <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateMon, 14 May 2007 08:49:27 -0700
> From: "Dan Isaac 2" <disaac2@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> > Push-Pull - Don, need a CC License. Otherwise, all looks A-OK (neat
> > game; gotta try it out!).
> Actually, that would be "Dan".  :)

Oops... sorry. :}

> I am not sure what exactly is needed for the CC-License, but...
> As author of Push-Pull,
> http://www.icehousegames.org/wiki/index.php?title=Push-Pull
> I hereby grant a CC-License on the game.

As an example of (potential) CC License and code, refer to this wiki
...and EDIT that section, to see the code.

If you'd like different rights reserved, go to this site:
...and answer the brief questionnaire to get HTML code (easily tweaked
for wiki code).

Of course, you needn't do that now that I have permission, but it's (in
my opinion) a good idea to be explicit on the actual wiki page.

> But feel free to add it to your pdf, and clean-up any issues you
> may find with it or the wordings.

I might massage it a bit; but in general, I am only going to revise
stuff to make consistent diction rather than do significant rewrites.

Thank YOU;