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RE: [Icehouse] Single-Stash/Treehouse Games for "Pocket Pyramids" PDF

  • From"Dan Isaac 2" <disaac2@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateSun, 13 May 2007 19:16:19 -0400

> Push-Pull - Don, need a CC License. Otherwise, all looks A-OK (neat
> game; gotta try it out!).

Actually, that would be "Dan".  :)

Sorry for the delay getting back to you, I just started a new job,
and have just finished moving and settling in to a new area.
So life has been a bit crazy lately, and I am just getting caught-
up on some emails.

I am not sure what exactly is needed for the CC-License, but...
As author of Push-Pull,
I hereby grant a CC-License on the game.

As for playability, I have no idea how well the game actually works.
I have never actually played it, and don't know of anyone who has.
I also believe that some of the rules descriptions could probably
use a bit of work.

But feel free to add it to your pdf, and clean-up any issues you
may find with it or the wordings.


- Dan Isaac

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> OK, folk, time's up and here's the list of previously unpublished,
> (nearly) completely tested games under consideration for inclusion in
> the "Pocket Pyramids" free PDF:
> ----------
> Bears, Foxes & Hares - Apparent contradiction, here, Carlton: "A player
> may choose to roll the die or make a special move" versus "Once the die
> is rolled the player must move a piece and then ONLY the moved piece may
> execute a special move" - can you clarify; do you mean a player may,
> basically, just NOT roll and do a special move immediately?
> Cardinal Connections - All A-OK; good to go?
> Centrifice - Dennis, need a CC License to be included.
> Crossroads - Chris, this is a GREAT one for the kids! All A-OK; good to
> go?
> Ice Age - Ryan, we still haven't cleared up the "Cavemen Domination"
> issue from back in December--do you have any final rule tweaks?
> Icecaster - IF I can finish it and test it in time; probably NOT. :'(
> IceHanoi - Please clarify the "Towers of Hanoi" rules, in the wiki, so
> that I don't screw it up.
> Ikkozendo - Do I have your permission, Kory, to include this derivative
> (which I *will* rewrite, to edit out cross-references and assumptions
> of exposure to Zendo; it will read like a standalone game)?
> Juxtapose - All A-OK; good to go? (You seem a bit unsure of playability,
> in the Talk page.)
> Martian Coaster Chaturanga - Jeff, I'd like to see the Setup clarified a
> bit--I can't QUITE follow it; can you host a pic (and place it on the
> wiki by just putting the full URL)? Also, you don't have a CC License
> on the page. Clock's ticking! :)
> Martian Frisby - Don't know if you're in here, Dan, but this IS a
> Treehouse game (each player uses two of the transparent colors and
> remembers which two). But you actually have reserved rights via
> copyright, so I can't touch it. CC License, please, if you wish.
> Martian Gunslinger - The Gnostica of "Pocket Pyramids"; this one's gonna
> blow minds! All A-OK; good to go? :)
> Martian Shuffleboard - I'll eventually knock out all the variations
> considerations, so it should make it in.
> Martian Trickery - Joss, you still need an Overview (if only a brief
> blurb; for consistency with other games; I can do one for you, if you
> haven't time). Also, the two monochrome variant isn't there--but that
> takes 5/4HOUSE, so it might not be mentioned in the PDF anyway...
> although... that's just the sort of variant that could lead a reader to
> expand his or her collection.
> Par-Trees-i - Again, Jeff, no CC License. A pic would help, too (showing
> flow of movement).
> Push-Pull - Don, need a CC License. Otherwise, all looks A-OK (neat
> game; gotta try it out!).
> Spike - Jonathan, need a CC License and need some significant
> clarifications: Can a piece exit the board anywhere? Why different
> coins, if any coin blocks any player? How can you tell which pieces a
> player controls? Is this actually a single stash per player game?
> StarRunners - Andrew, you've got a normal copyright on this game; but
> Josh Drobina told me any unpublished, Looney-designed game is fair to
> include. Can you confirm and release rights (CC License)?
> Take That! - John, need a CC License, and I am concerned that there's
> handling problems with opaques and the "can't tree a nest" rule; refer
> to past discussions regarding this and Tic Tac Doh.
> REF:
> http://lists.looneylabs.com/pipermail/icehouse/2007-April/thread.html
> ("Tic-Tac-Doh rules" thread)
> Titanice - Olle, does color matter? There's some confusion about "each
> player picks a piece" versus "It doesn't matter who started out with a
> transatlantic liner, it's only who manages to steer it into an iceberg
> who will win." Does size matter; i.e. do you choose the same size piece
> as the one you are relocating, or can you choose any size (effectively
> "speeding up" or "slowing down" the liner's movement)? Please provide
> some clarifications.
> Tree-Halma - All A-OK (it seems--been tested well?); good to go?
> Trip Away - Shane, is this game complete? Also needs a CC License.
> Tugga War - All A-OK; good to go?
> Venusian Bowling - Jason, is this in CC License? Also, can it be played
> with a "ball" other than a d20? d30? An actual small ball, from some
> other game or a dime store dispenser? (LOVE the game, BTW!)
> Walk Like an Egyptian - All A-OK; good to go?
> Zamboni Wars - All A-OK, good to go? (This game's gonna win the next
> Design Contest, I bet! Damn you, Chris....)
> :)
> ----------
> AND... that's 25 games: probably PERFECT for my hope to limit it to
> fifteen two-up, duplexed sheets (60 pages, including front and back
> cover). Most of the games, in fact, will fit two pages... except good
> old Gunslinger!
> ;)
> OK, folks--them's the marching orders. I need CC Licenses, permissions
> from original designers for variations, and some
> clean-up/completions/clarifications. In general, each of you should
> reply when you've done the "finalizing" that your game (might) require.
> Keep in mind that I will be regenerating your artwork, so don't worry
> about it for now, unless I explicitly asked for it for clarification
> (ASCII art is fine, in such cases). Also, note that I will be editing
> each game for consistent terminology, all of which will be defined in
> the book's preface--this saves space and avoids confusion--so don't be
> shocked when you see the first draft.
> Once everything's good to go, I will put together a first draft and then
> figure out some way to host it for review, so that folks can provide
> corrections or point out any screw-ups I don't see.
> FINALLY, (wow, you read THIS far?!?) I'd appreciate some suggestions as
> to how to group these games in the book (akin to Playing With
> Pyramids). I will default to mere alphabetical, but perhaps there's a
> better set of groupings (e.g. Playing On A Chessboard, Freeform, Deep
> Thoughts, The Twilight Zone, whatever...).
> Thank you all for participating and for following-up!
> David Artman
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