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Re: [Icehouse] Single-Stash/Treehouse Games for "Pocket Pyramids" PDF

  • From"Carlton Noles" <carlton.noles@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateFri, 20 Apr 2007 15:21:34 -0400
What is intended there is that any piece may make a special move before and instead of the die roll. After the die roll the player must move a piece and only the moved piece may make a special move.  So if you make a special move before rolling the die your turn is over. if you roll the die you MUST move and only the moved piece may make a special move after moving.

Did that help?

On 4/20/07, David Artman <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
OK, folk, time's up and here's the list of previously unpublished,
(nearly) completely tested games under consideration for inclusion in
the "Pocket Pyramids" free PDF:
Bears, Foxes & Hares - Apparent contradiction, here, Carlton: "A player
may choose to roll the die or make a special move" versus "Once the die
is rolled the player must move a piece and then ONLY the moved piece may
execute a special move" - can you clarify; do you mean a player may,
basically, just NOT roll and do a special move immediately?

Cardinal Connections - All A-OK; good to go?

Centrifice - Dennis, need a CC License to be included.

Crossroads - Chris, this is a GREAT one for the kids! All A-OK; good to

Ice Age - Ryan, we still haven't cleared up the "Cavemen Domination"
issue from back in December--do you have any final rule tweaks?

Icecaster - IF I can finish it and test it in time; probably NOT. :'(

IceHanoi - Please clarify the "Towers of Hanoi" rules, in the wiki, so
that I don't screw it up.

Ikkozendo - Do I have your permission, Kory, to include this derivative
(which I *will* rewrite, to edit out cross-references and assumptions
of exposure to Zendo; it will read like a standalone game)?

Juxtapose - All A-OK; good to go? (You seem a bit unsure of playability,
in the Talk page.)

Martian Coaster Chaturanga - Jeff, I'd like to see the Setup clarified a
bit--I can't QUITE follow it; can you host a pic (and place it on the
wiki by just putting the full URL)? Also, you don't have a CC License
on the page. Clock's ticking! :)

Martian Frisby - Don't know if you're in here, Dan, but this IS a
Treehouse game (each player uses two of the transparent colors and
remembers which two). But you actually have reserved rights via
copyright, so I can't touch it. CC License, please, if you wish.

Martian Gunslinger - The Gnostica of "Pocket Pyramids"; this one's gonna
blow minds! All A-OK; good to go? :)

Martian Shuffleboard - I'll eventually knock out all the variations
considerations, so it should make it in.

Martian Trickery - Joss, you still need an Overview (if only a brief
blurb; for consistency with other games; I can do one for you, if you
haven't time). Also, the two monochrome variant isn't there--but that
takes 5/4HOUSE, so it might not be mentioned in the PDF anyway...
although... that's just the sort of variant that could lead a reader to
expand his or her collection.

Par-Trees-i - Again, Jeff, no CC License. A pic would help, too (showing
flow of movement).

Push-Pull - Don, need a CC License. Otherwise, all looks A-OK (neat
game; gotta try it out!).

Spike - Jonathan, need a CC License and need some significant
clarifications: Can a piece exit the board anywhere? Why different
coins, if any coin blocks any player? How can you tell which pieces a
player controls? Is this actually a single stash per player game?

StarRunners - Andrew, you've got a normal copyright on this game; but
Josh Drobina told me any unpublished, Looney-designed game is fair to
include. Can you confirm and release rights (CC License)?

Take That! - John, need a CC License, and I am concerned that there's
handling problems with opaques and the "can't tree a nest" rule; refer
to past discussions regarding this and Tic Tac Doh.
("Tic-Tac-Doh rules" thread)

Titanice - Olle, does color matter? There's some confusion about "each
player picks a piece" versus "It doesn't matter who started out with a
transatlantic liner, it's only who manages to steer it into an iceberg
who will win." Does size matter; i.e. do you choose the same size piece
as the one you are relocating, or can you choose any size (effectively
"speeding up" or "slowing down" the liner's movement)? Please provide
some clarifications.

Tree-Halma - All A-OK (it seems--been tested well?); good to go?

Trip Away - Shane, is this game complete? Also needs a CC License.

Tugga War - All A-OK; good to go?

Venusian Bowling - Jason, is this in CC License? Also, can it be played
with a "ball" other than a d20? d30? An actual small ball, from some
other game or a dime store dispenser? (LOVE the game, BTW!)

Walk Like an Egyptian - All A-OK; good to go?

Zamboni Wars - All A-OK, good to go? (This game's gonna win the next
Design Contest, I bet! Damn you, Chris....)
AND... that's 25 games: probably PERFECT for my hope to limit it to
fifteen two-up, duplexed sheets (60 pages, including front and back
cover). Most of the games, in fact, will fit two pages... except good
old Gunslinger!

OK, folks--them's the marching orders. I need CC Licenses, permissions
from original designers for variations, and some
clean-up/completions/clarifications. In general, each of you should
reply when you've done the "finalizing" that your game (might) require.
Keep in mind that I will be regenerating your artwork, so don't worry
about it for now, unless I explicitly asked for it for clarification
(ASCII art is fine, in such cases). Also, note that I will be editing
each game for consistent terminology, all of which will be defined in
the book's preface--this saves space and avoids confusion--so don't be
shocked when you see the first draft.

Once everything's good to go, I will put together a first draft and then
figure out some way to host it for review, so that folks can provide
corrections or point out any screw-ups I don't see.

FINALLY, (wow, you read THIS far?!?) I'd appreciate some suggestions as
to how to group these games in the book (akin to Playing With
Pyramids). I will default to mere alphabetical, but perhaps there's a
better set of groupings (e.g. Playing On A Chessboard, Freeform, Deep
Thoughts, The Twilight Zone, whatever...).

Thank you all for participating and for following-up!
David Artman

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