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RE: [Icehouse] Huh?

  • FromDavid Artman <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 07 Aug 2007 12:17:35 -0700
I, too, appreciate the reply, Andy; it seems to open up options for
Stacktors! that I haven't considered.

>     * If you manufacture and sell your own Icehouse pieces, but you
>       make less than $100 a year doing so, we ask only that you send
>       us a sample of your wares.

I'd be repackaging Bulk Rate mids; and I'd likely not make too many
sales honestly. :)

>     * If you're making more than $100 a year profit selling Icehouse
>       pieces, we would request then that you pay us a small royalty on
>       each sale.

Does this not apply to the "doctrine of first sale"? In other words, if
I profit from the sale of Bulk Rate mids--say, if my total print cost
for the rule sheet is $4 and I charge a total of $100 for it plus 10
sets; $16 over the "unit costs"--do I owe a percentage of that? Or could
that be said to be profits from *my* creation (the rules) which just so
happens to use pyramids that I am reselling at cost for convenience? Or
would I just be seen as "underselling" the FLGS/web site, by including
this laminate rules sheet in a bundle of 10 sets?

> But, me, I look at that and understand and accept Andy's wishes. If I
> were ever to consider going into the pyramid-making business, I'd make
> the decision to do it or not based on the terms above, (which would
> mean negotiating the royalty amount with Looney Labs).

Well absolutely; and I hope no one thinks I am angling to screw Looney

Just the opposite: I want to help get more pyramids out into the world;
and I think an RPG-meets-board game-meets-miniatures application of them
might get them noticed by folks who would not even notice a Treehouse
set because it looks so "basic" to the eyes of someone used to, say,
Warhammer or HeroClix.

Of course, once the buyers realize that they've got ten tubes of both
spectrums, with the label stickers still on one or two of them (as a
hint), I hope they wander to the wiki and go ga-ga.

And in a similar vein to the Looney's desire, I think it's reasonable to
be able to enjoy reward for one's creativity, if the work developing it
was more than trivial. So I've released four games to CC... but I have a
couple I'd like to try to actually market (Stacktors! with 10 sets;
Icecaster with 1 each of R&X). I think they would make for an attractive
packaging bundle and help show that Icehouse is more than Treehouse.


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