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Re: [Icehouse] Anyone willing to split a Xeno set order?

  • From"Michael Kohne" <mhkohne@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateWed, 22 Aug 2007 10:51:01 -0400
On 8/22/07, Matthew Twomey <mtwomey@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> So, I did read the explanation for moving away from the monochrome sets -
> but I can't say I'm completely clear on why they wouldn't still sell
> monochrome sets from their website. I understand there were some issues
> regarding displays in stores and skew numbers, but these are non-issues when
> selling directly. Since it's just a packaging difference, I'm not getting
> why they don't continue to offer it online? There seems to still be
> interest....?
> Thanks,
> -Matt

It's an extra product (well, 10 products) to deal with. This means
more stuff on the shelf, more products in the inventory system, more
labor to stuff pyramids into tubes, etc, etc.

By taking the single stash products out of production, they remove 10
different things they were keeping on the shelf. This sort of makes
everyone's life easier at the back end.

It just reduces the total work load on everyone in the buisness.

Michael Kohne