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RE: [Icehouse] Anyone willing to split a Xeno set order?

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  • DateWed, 22 Aug 2007 09:31:54 -0500
So, I did read the explanation for moving away from the monochrome sets -
but I can't say I'm completely clear on why they wouldn't still sell
monochrome sets from their website. I understand there were some issues
regarding displays in stores and skew numbers, but these are non-issues when
selling directly. Since it's just a packaging difference, I'm not getting
why they don't continue to offer it online? There seems to still be



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> but that'd still be cheaper than buying 5 Xeno
> sets and reconfiguring them to monochrome.

Huh?  How is $16 < $10?  If the original poster gets folks interested in
splitting the costs, they end up with a $10 stash, with a bonus Treehouse
die.  Your logic confounds me.

Also, I need only purple from the Xeno colors, so if you need a taker, I'll
go in for purple.

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