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Re: [Icehouse] Extend IGDC Judging?

  • FromDoug Orleans <dougorleans@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 18 Sep 2007 15:41:28 -0400
David Artman writes:
 > Therefore, I am asking the Icehouse and the Rabbits list if anyone wants
 > the judging to be extended by TWO WEEKS, to October 1st at noon. Please
 > don't replay with "whatever others want" or with "I don't care"--only
 > reply if you have a firm opinion FOR or AGAINST this extension.

I vote FOR, for purely selfish reasons: I'd like more time to finish
my online implementation of Pylon, so that people without in-person
opponents can try it out (like they can with Penguin Soccer and
Subdivision on Super Duper Games).

On the other hand, 36 votes seems like a lot.  I think the previous
competitions had less than 20?  But if there are still more votes to
be had, either from new voters or from ballots being filled out more
completely, it would be good to get them all.