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Re: [Icehouse] Winter IGDC - Coasters?

  • Fromkerry_and_ryan@xxxxxxx
  • DateFri, 21 Sep 2007 19:19:29 +0000
Eeyore wrote:
> I thought the purpose of using the coasters for the theme was to
> see how many different games could be built using their attributes.
> if that's too restrictive, maybe it's not such a good theme.
> If Martian Coasters is going to be the theme, "what that means" is
> going to have to be clearly spelled out.

There are two elements that need to be balanced:
 - Is the game good?
 - Does it follow the theme?

Every judge is going to have to figure out how important each one of those is.  I, personally, might base 25% of each game's score on its Martian Coaster-ness and 75% to all other aspects of the game put together.  Maybe more, maybe less.

I would hope that none of the judges use anything less than 10% for how well a game uses the theme.

Given this, it's possible for, say Thin Ice, to score a 75 from me in this competition because it's a fan-FRAKIN-tastic game that IMO doesn't use the coasters at all.  I would sure hope that a 75 isn't enough to be the winning score.  But if it is, then yes I would turn in my rankings that way.  I'd rather see an otherwise outstanding game win the competition than one that a crappy one that use colors, arrows, and mobility of the coasters.  If a game that everyone agrees does not use the theme well does end up winning, then maybe Martian Coasters wasn't such a good theme to begin with.

Each judge will just have to use whatever function they feel is most appropriate to combine gameplay and themeularity.  Maybe someone will use an exponential -- who knows.

BUT my point is this: Let the judges, NOT an administrator decide what qualifies as "staying true to the theme".  It avoids a lot of potential ill will directed at any one person.