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RE: [Icehouse] Winter 2008 IGDC Rankings!

  • FromDavid Artman <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateWed, 20 Feb 2008 09:47:44 -0700
> From: "Ryan Hackel" <deeplogic@xxxxxxxxxx>
> What provisions will we need in future contests to handle SNAFU's like this?

Again, dude, I'm really sorry. I had Dark Masters waiting in the
wings--you don't want to make them angry!

I am going to add to the Procedures something to the effect of:
"The IGDC Coordinator will confirm your ballot upon receipt; should you
not receive a confirmation by the last week of judging, be sure to
contact the Coordinator again."

Basically, I don't want to make it a daily chore for me to check to see
if folks' email is working OK; but I know that, had I confirmed ballots
(and if judges expected such confirmation), this would have been caught
at least a BIT sooner.

Perhaps you could go off-list and email one of the guys who can run the
script, send your ballot, and see if it would have mattered. Mind you,
the release of results means we simply can't roll back--not fair to
those who've won, and (frankly, sadly) we can't be ABSOLUTELY sure that
your rankings are not influenced by the results. Yes, I know that's
inconceivable... but that's what blind balloting is for: no one can
doubt the results; and that's why I publish the ballots with names:
folks can be absolutely sure *I* haven't tweaked them to get a
particular result.
Everyone, thank you very much for your participation... but we're only
HALF done! One of the Main Points of the IGDC is to provide a lot of
eyes and feedback. So get thee to the Talk pages and let's help hammer
out the wrinkles in these games!

If anyone feels their game is now done then be sure to remove any In
Development template and move the link from GID to Existing and WCIP?
>From what I hear, an article for the next comp will need details nailed
down by mid-March. Thus, the polling for "restricted or not; if yes,
how?" is underway on the IGDC Talk page; and, now, decision-making will
have a DEADLINE for opinions of March 3rd!!! That should give Timothy
the better part of two weeks to get an article penned and submitted for
editing and inclusion in the "July" issue (out in May--I never
understood them freaky magazine schedules!).
Be sure to chime in on the new voting process proposal (in particular,
if you have some math chops to show its strengths or weaknesses!). Do so
in the associated thread, please (i.e. not in this mostly done one).

Thanks again, everyone!