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Re: [Icehouse] Winter 2008 IGDC Rankings!

  • From"Jorge Arroyo" <trozo@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateWed, 20 Feb 2008 01:26:16 +0100
First, congratulations to the winner. I do think it was the best game from the ones I could vote :D

Looks right to me.  It seems ironic that Virus Fight was the only one
to beat Martian Twelves, and it tied Timelock and Wrecktangle, yet
ended up in 7th place because it lost to Timberland and Hunt by big
margins.  Preference voting is funny that way.  I guess Virus Fight
had "high negatives", just like Hillary Clinton!

I don't understand much about this ranking method, but I just lost a lot of confidence in it... I can't say I find that irony very funny, as I do like my own game a lot, and don't think it deserved 7th place... I'm really looking forward to all the feedback (especially the negative feedback) that I'm (hopefully) about to get. I hope I can turn Virus Fight into a better game.