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Re: [Icehouse] Icehouse / Treehouse forum?

  • From"David Artman" <david.artman@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateFri, 7 Mar 2008 13:38:08 -0500
Oh, tell us what you REALLY think.

On Fri, Mar 7, 2008 at 12:39 PM, Joshua Kronengold <mneme@xxxxxx> wrote:
David Artman writes:
>HAHAHAHA! See my point, now, folks?
There's no response to this that doesn't exceed the bounds of

What gave you the impression I was laughing at you, that you would have to be discourteous to reply? I was laughing at how, instantly, there was a suggestion to move to one of several possibilities not yet mentioned.

"Generous reading" - look it up.
>that backing would be disabling this listserv, to force a transition.
This is why it will never happen.
The fact that you cannot comprehend why this step would be a terrible
idea is why your behavior far, far exceeds the bounds of courtesy.

I can only presume that the "bounds of courtesy," then, translates to "may never be critical, nor express frustration, nor point out the falsehoods other present as compelling reasoning." Actually... pretty much par for the course.

It it not a service to anyone--particularly to a community of volunteers and supporters--to put an expectation of false cheeriness (or a gag) on its members.

But go ahead and edify me: what would be so "terrible" about moving to groupware, because I (and hundreds of millions of professionals and hobbiest) don't seem to understand the horrid pitfalls await me (us).
This isn't about conservatism or anything except your own ego, and
your desire that other people be forced to use the tools you want to

My ego, eh? Yeah, it's REALLY getting pumped up by THIS conversation, boy howdy!

Dude, I am merely chiming in with others who KNOW that groupware is more powerful than a 1990 listserv application. And as for my being Mr. Evil Force The Poor Masses into the Pits of Hell--spare me, bub. You're only professing ignorance:
* Sign up for listserv: Go to site, enter e-mail, click OK. Receive emails.
* Sign up for group: Go to site, enter e-mail, click OK, set Prefs to "Email Subscription" (on GG, this is the default for new members, IIRC, and thus this step may be omitted). Receive emails.

So what YOU are saying, then, is that those of us who could make excellent use of groupware's functionality **above and beyond its functionality as a listserv** must make a break from the "community" because some subset of that community won't do the four (or five?) mouse-clicks it takes to set their preferences to match a "normal" listserv. And you call ME egotistical and "forcing" things on others? I'd say you are stolid and tradition-bound and want the rest of us to slog through the mire you so-love. So what? Insulting each other is a poor means of persuasion (but, then again, I guess you don't care to be persuasive--probably because you know how weak your case is: the typical cause for shifting from argument to rhetoric).


The fact (FACT) remains that one method offers much and asks nothing from those who would not take advantage of the additional offerings. "More of the same is fine by me" is NOT an argument--it's a preference, it's conservativeness.