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Re: [Icehouse] monochrome stashes vs Treehouse sets

  • FromBryan Stout <stoutwb@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 3 Mar 2009 13:16:37 -0500
I'm an example of a new Icehouse player.  Last year some time I bought
a single Treehouse set at a local store.  Later on I got Martian
Coasters.  Early this year I ordered 2 more Rainbow sets and a grey
stash from the Labs along with my deluxe WW5 board (I used my
discount), and the 3House booklet.  Finally late last month I ordered
two more Rainbow sets and the Playing with Pyramids book, from an
online business that had a nice price on Treehouse sets (I ordered
something else from them first and then noticed the Treehouses
prices).  Gradually, I plan to get Pink Treehouse and 5 stashes of
Xeno Treehouse.

Yesterday, with school canceled because of snow, I played several
games from Playing with Pyramids with my daughter -- first time for
either of us -- including Volcano!  We then repacked them all as
monochrome stashes, which is more convenient for some games, less
convenient for others.

I'm all in favor of the Treehouse selling scheme.  My only suggestion
is to add another small folded up paper inside to mention the other
Icehouse games -- a brief summary of what's currently on the Treehouse
main page.  (Now that I look at it again, I see that I followed their
suggested expansion scheme exactly.)  If I hadn't been a LL fan
already, I wouldn't have know about the expandability of Treehouse
from the game itself; I probably would have thought "Cute little game,
but I won't pull it out very often."