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Re: [Icehouse] Poll: How Do You Store?

  • FromDon Sheldon <don.sheldon@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateThu, 5 Mar 2009 09:14:27 -0500
On 3/3/09, David Artman <david.artman@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> OK, this should really be pan-list (replacing "pyramids" with "card," below)
> but I only have current membership on Icehouse--someone else can take the
> torch over to the Fluxx/Chrononauts/etc lists.

Yikes, this is like the Icehouse equivalent of wearing a "Please tell
me about your character" t-shirt to a LARP convention.  And I too
cannot resist.

> Q1) How do you store your pyramids? Be specific (e.g. stacks of nests in
> tubes in a Purple Bag; nests upright in a custom wooden box with foam
> padding; etc).

I have a plastic tuperware container that, in addition to 'mids, has
baggies full of white and black stones (for Zendo), some coins, a few
dice (normal and treehouse) and a random collection of cards and
papers (Ice 7, twin-win victories, 3house, more stuff that I forget).
I have two tubes, alternate stacked so they all fit, with the 4 colors
* 3 nest of 'mids for Binary Homeworlds.  Sometimes I'll just put
these in a jacket pocket when I'm going somewhere that I might find an
opponent (but usually it's only a silly, wasted hope).  The remainder
of my full ten color set (including the rest of my RYGBs) sloshes
around free, but it's all packed so tight there's only been a little
bit of wear to the tips.

> Q2) How did you purchase your collection of pyramids? Be specific (e.g. all
> mono stashes, over years; some mono, some Treehouse; all Treehouse, except
> for gray and pink; etc).

I bought the martian chess set for the classic four colors in.... a
year long past.  The next six colors I bought in mono tubes over the
following years, including cyan from my friend's
going-out-of-business, out-of-state game store right as the change to
treehouse was happening.  I bought my treehouse dice (a total of
three) with rabbit points as they were about to expire.  My Zendo
beads were boggarted from an introductory Go set.  I still don't have
gray and pink.

> Q3) Do you think your storage solution is impacted by the product package?
> If so, how so?

Not at all.  But I do wish I hadn't pitched the box and four tubes
sometimes.  Mostly for nostalgia reasons.

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