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Re: [Icehouse] Poll: How Do You Store?

  • FromSam Zitin <sammyz@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateSun, 22 Mar 2009 09:52:44 -0400
Some pictures of my storage solution, a Crystal Caste Battlehive.
Thought this might still be of interest to someone.


On top of the case is a tray holding some pencils, loose d6s, volcano
board, Set, some buttonmen,a treehouse set and other various
accessories.  Below that is a tray containing 10 of my Icehouse
stashes (haven't worked out Pink yet).  Between those two trays rests
the WW5 board.  Below the Icehouse tray are two trays of dice (I
really care for my dice...) and at the botton of the case are most of
my card games.

On Thu, Mar 12, 2009 at 4:13 AM, TheLoneGoldfish
<thelonegoldfish@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Q1) How do you store your pyramids? Be specific (e.g. stacks of nests in
>> tubes in a Purple Bag; nests upright in a custom wooden box with foam
>> padding; etc).
> Monochrome stashes in 3x5" ziplock bags in a plastic box (sized like
> an index card holder).. I can fit all the transparent stashes (so
> 9)...
>> Q2) How did you purchase your collection of pyramids? Be specific (e.g. all
>> mono stashes, over years; some mono, some Treehouse; all Treehouse, except
>> for gray and pink; etc).
> I purchased the IceTowers boxed set, 5 Rainbow treehouse sets, and
> monochrome stashes of Orange, Grey, and Pink.
> I purchased a few extra treehouse sets, but have since gifted them away.
>> Q3) Do you think your storage solution is impacted by the product package?
>> If so, how so?
> It used to be when I carried around tubes, but I have left the
> confines of the standard packaging...
> Other packaging solutions were a 5house set and mini-tarot deck in a
> box when I played a lot of Gnostica. Before that I kept about 6 tubes
> in a checkerboard pattern drawstring bag I'd made (which doubled as a
> volcano board).
> Back to lurking for me though...
> -Evan Parker
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