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Re: [Icehouse] Poll: How Do You Store?

  • FromAndy Looney <andy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateThu, 05 Mar 2009 14:40:01 -0500
Yikes, this is like the Icehouse equivalent of wearing a "Please
tell me about your character" t-shirt to a LARP convention.

Great comparison!

And I too cannot resist.

Me neither. As you might imagine, I have a lot of pyramids. I store them in a variety of way, and my systems have evolved repeatedly over the years. But here's what I do right now...

My favorite tool for organizing pyramids at this point is the ziplock baggie. I almost never use the tubes anymore, they're just too much trouble to put away. It's much easier to just toss the stash into a baggie and zip it closed. I maintain a box of slightly-used baggies that I keep pyramids in, and I spend a lot of time stacking pyramids up into stacks of 5 and filling up stash baggies.

My biggest cache of stashes is a black suitcase filled with pyramids in baggies. I usually bring this out only for conventions and other big events.

We have a big round, cloth-lined metal pan (originally a pizza baking pan, now a dice-rolling tray) and it's usually filled with 10 or 20 stashes worth of loose pyramids. Since we use pyramids as chips on poker night, at least once a week I have occasion to clean up a giant pile of pyramids, and I usually just sweep them all into this tray at the end of the night. Sometimes I'll spend some time counting and sorting pyramids from this tray and putting them back into baggies, but usually I'll just leave them in the tray until the next session.

Of course, there are also bunches of pyramids located in various spots around the house. I have a gaming nook set up in the living room, with several little tables clustered together, where I hang out and play multiple games at once. I have a big pile of pyramids that just live there. I have more pyramids in the upstairs lounge, yet more in the basement, etc.

I also have a big bin of assorted loose pyramids, sorted by size, which I either grab from or add to when I need a specific piece or two because pieces from another set have gone missing, or when I find an assortment of random pieces that need to be reallocated.

Then of course there are the specialty sets: We have several display cabinets around the house with old pyramids of every possible type, plus I have a set of black stone pyramids in a fancy wooden box, I have multiple copies of the full series of boxed set editions, we have 8 stashes of giant cardboard pyramids in a pair of luggage crates, etc etc etc. I have pyramids in every corner of the house.

Obviously, I also travel with pyramids, and I have a number of travel sets. I maintain several of our old black hemp drawstring Icehouse bags containing enough pyramids to play Volcano, there's my Homeworlds set in a MagLite case, and I have a couple of zippered cloth bags of different sizes (both purple) containing different combinations of pyramids. I pack one or more of these travel sets as needed for the particular length and scope of the trip in question.

In my day-to-day travels I carry around an awesome shoulder bag (custom made for me by Alison) in which I always have a regular Treehouse set in a tube, usually with one or another of the travel sets I just mentioned.

In other words, I have a LOT of pyramids. But I'm sure that's not surprising!

I have two tubes, alternate stacked so they all fit, with the
4 colors * 3 nest of 'mids for Binary Homeworlds.  Sometimes
I'll just put these in a jacket pocket when I'm going somewhere
that I might find an opponent (but usually it's only a silly,
wasted hope).

Dude, you are *SO* talking my language!

-- Andy