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Re: [Icehouse] Big wiki change

  • FromEric Wald <eswald@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateSat, 26 Mar 2011 18:03:41 -0600
Brian Campbell wrote:
> One of the main barriers to upgrading is that the data I inherited has
> some significant encoding issues; the databases were all created with
> ISO-8859-1 encodings, but UTF-8 data has been stored in them, which
> means that any time you do a dump and restore, you get nasty mojibake.
> This should all be doable, but it will take a bit of work. I haven't
> found the time to do it yet, but my life has settled down a bit
> recently such that I can probably now dedicate the time to doing the
> upgrade. If anyone would like to volunteer to help, either directly
> with the upgrade, or with testing the wiki out while I'm in the
> process of doing the upgrade to make sure I haven't broken anything
> (looking around to make sure encodings aren't messed up, editing
> pages, making sure the new SMW search features are working), I would
> greatly appreciate the assistance and (virtual) company. I can
> probably make time in one of the next few weekends, if anyone's
> interested in helping out let me know when you're free.

I have some experience with encoding issues like this, but not with
MediaWiki in particular.  I've even been known to go through a small
wiki, converting Latin-1 and mojibake into UTF-8 by script, but working
with a database (or even a dump) would be much easier.  Which database
are you using?

I'm most available from 8-10 PM Mountain time, but can also steal some
weekend time on occasion.

- Eric

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