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Re: [Rabbits] Are you a werewolf? Question

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the Point Carol is this...

As Rep's for the company.. we are expected to play the game, moderate the game, and teach the game the way the company INTENDED it to be played, taught and moderated.

It is our job to make the product look, smell and taste good. What the buyer does with it when they get home is up to them. What we do with it as Rep's can kill it before they buy it.

The issue is not groups of 7 to 9.. I in fact will not even start a group of less than 7 myself.. and will never allow a group larger than 15. I think it plays well at 15.. it creates a social environment at 15 that will keep the village going for hours on end. 7 - 9 is too competitive and breeds mistrust and malcontent. You have more grousing and "forget you guys " attitudes from groups that small than from groups of 12 + because there is less " random " chance and more " Gotta Do something now '.

I actually was very unhappy with the Volunteers working with me at Origins. VERY VERY VERY unhappy. I've never been told to basicly " shut up and sit down " while running that game like I was at Origins. As much as I'm known for running that game, theres a darn good chance that I will not do that again at Origins at all. The mentality was all wrong and it carried over to the players as well. I was actually told that I was Monologuing for trying to get a group to make a decision well after the 3 minutes per villager was up. I look at it this way.. if the moderator is having trouble staying awake during your villages decision making process.. theres something bad wrong.

I do think that I only registered a single game to the tourney all weekend too. I played alot of games but never saw one that fit Josh's definition of a legal game. I enjoyed wrangling players in to play but I got rather ill at the way it was being played after they got there. Too many opinions.. too little agreement.. and too much grousing about being right. It was a major turn off.

Were company reps not designers.. just play the game it way its intended to play it and get the job done. It's really not that hard.

Rob the AYAW? Werewolf

Robert Bunn

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Subject: Re: [Rabbits] Are you a werewolf? Question
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On 7/3/06, Billy Brahma <billybrahma@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Ok Ok Ok before all this gets out of hand..

No Rabbit playing a LOONEY game as a LOONEY Rep is allowed to play any AYAW?
game of more than 15 people in a village.

I think this was specifically for the tourney games.  No tournament
game was allowed to be more than 15 people per village.

The National AYAW tournament was run at Origins, and followed all the
rules (including the 15 rule) because it was the Nationals.  Or World
Championships.  Or something.  :)

As for others being allowed to play differently, I don't think it's
the intent of Looney Labs to say "you're not allowed to play like X, Y
or Z" - that's not the cool hippie sort of way of doing things and
everyone has house rules.  They've said that 15 people is how they
intended play to be (it's in the printed rules) and if you sit and
have a discussion about AYAW theory and strategy, it's interesting to
see how games of 7 or 9 people happen.  You have to be SO on TOP of
your game, as either WW or Villager to survive - fewer people = fewer
nights to find the werewolf = fewer other people to be mauled or
lynched before they get to you.  I'd never thought of the game in
those terms before and it made me think a lot harder about the game -
and made me think that I might like to play it with the cool people
having the discussion, because AYAW is really not my favorite game.

Moral of the story for me?  I won't play in a game of 30, but I won't
worry about whether or not they happen, I probably won't play in a
game of 15, I may play in a game of 7 or 9.  It sounds like a lot more


peas out
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