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Re: [Rabbits] Are you a werewolf? Question

  • FromJennifer Plossl <jenarra@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 04 Jul 2006 18:53:47 -0400
I'm a regular Demo Rabbit for D*Con. I'm the crazy girl with short-term memory loss, for any of you who go to that Con. I've demo-ed AYAW? for the last 3 years, and I have to agree with Billy, here. I've been reading the thread of responses, but his point is valid. Last year, we had a girl come up and try to take over the "official" AYAW? circles outside of the gaming hall, running 25-40 person villages. She was asked repeatedly to take it elsewhere, and it took getting Russell out there to take her aside and send her to another are of the convention. Some of her villagers followed her for her larger game, but a good number stayed behind to see how it was "supposed to be run". They saw our lab coats and decided to stay. :-) Several confessed to being much happier with the game after getting the "offical" view.

Not everyone has played Mafia... for a lot of people, this is their first introduction to any game like this. I know it was for me. If you're running demos for this game, for this company, then yes, they need to be run with the 15 limit village. People will always stand around, and they will rotate in and out throughout the day and night. I've run 7 hours straight at D*Con before, only handing it off to another moderator (Demo Rabbit) when my voice was completely gone. People will come, and they will wait to play. Never sacrifice the game as it's written to be played for the sake of having more players in any one village.

Billy's right - we're there to show the game as it's meant to be *sold*. If you want to run a larger village, by all means, take off your labcoat, take a group who is interested, and go to another area. DO NOT confuse those games with the LL demos. That was handed down from Russell last year at Con and from Andy the year before, at the rabbit intros.

I'll be there again this year... can't wait! Billy, are you coming to Con? I'd love to meet you if we haven't already met. :-)


Billy Brahma wrote:

Can we please have Andy. Kristen or Josh.. basicly lay it down like it was at the meetings at last years Dragon Con or this years Origins...

The game needs to be played as its listed to be played.. no additions, no stacking, no messing with it.

The company leadership has asked for this over and over and over.. I don't understand why so many people want to second guess this request. Yes the rules are only one guys opinion.. Andy's! If you don't want to play the game the way L.L. prescribes it.. take off your labcoat, your rabbit badge, create your own circle and play it. But if your wearing your gear... Play it the way the company requests.. Do not get into the face of the Moderator who is playing the game the way the company wants it played and say " I'm a rabbit too and I play this way".. and watch the village revolt against the prescribed rules. I was so annoyed so often this last weekend that I spent more time walking away from the game than running it. I love AYAW? Its pretty obvious.. I've spent an awful lot of money to promote it. But I didn't love the attitudes, that basicly undermined me and seemed bent on forcing me to defend the company from another Rabbit.

Just play the game the way its written.

Thats it.. from the Werewolf.

Robert Bunn

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From: Kyle Normandin <handofposyden@xxxxxxxxx>
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Subject: Re: [Rabbits] Are you a werewolf? Question
Date: Tue, 4 Jul 2006 08:56:51 -0700 (PDT)

I agree with Andrew

Andrew Plotkin <erkyrath@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
  On Tue, 4 Jul 2006, Billy Brahma wrote:

> As Rep's for the company.. we are expected to play the game, moderate
> the game, and teach the game the way the company INTENDED it to be
> played, taught and moderated.

Werewolf is a special situation, because the company did not invent it.
_Are You A Werewolf_ is a Looney Labs *product* which teaches and
facilitates an older, public-domain game. Yes, it has a particular set of
rules and conventions; yes, those rules were chosen by the Looneys to be
optimal for a certain kind of play experience. And yes, LL is running a

But you do have to recognize that tthe _AYAW_ rules are one guy's opinion.
Lots of Werewolf/Mafia players in the world have never heard of Andy
Looney or _Are You A Werewolf_. And even at Origins, the Werewolf
tournament is a strange sort of collaboration between players (who would
be playing anyway) and the LL people (who have decided to track results
and award medallions). Organization and winner-tracking benefits
everybody, but it's more of a concensus situation than the other LL
Origins tournaments.

> I actually was very unhappy with the Volunteers working with me at
> Origins. VERY VERY VERY unhappy.

I'm not trying to silence your complaint. If there was friction between
you and the players, or you and other rabbits, or you and the LL people,
that's a problem which may be solvable. But I don't think it's viable to
frame the problem as "there is a right way to play Werewolf and you people
are playing it wrong."

> I look at it this way.. if the moderator is having trouble staying awake > during your villages decision making process.. theres something bad wrong.

Is this necessarily true? Were the players having fun? It's not about the

You note situations where the players were *not* having fun, or seemed not to be, and that's a reasonable complaint. But you're not going to convince
the players *either* if you come at them with a "you're playing the game
wrong" attitude.


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