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Re: [Rabbits] Origins Martian Chess Tournament Results

  • From"Ryan McGuire and Kerry Breitenbach" <kerry_and_ryan@xxxxxxx>
  • DateSun, 30 Jul 2006 00:44:40 -0400
Oops.  Thanks for pointin that out.  It should be fixed now.

That's right Dan wasn't one of the winners, he was the one that could empty his quadrant the easiest.


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There is one correction needed.  I was the other tied
player in the second round,not Dan.

Also, another solution to consider is that the tied
players would each receive half a point for the tie as
in an earth chess tournament.  Depending on the number
of players and preliminary games played, someone who
gets .5 points early on could still end up in the
finals, by winning in a second game.

In the situation that occured this year it would mean
no one from the second game would go to the finals,
because they would have .5 wins where the other
players each had 1.  This could end up dragging out
the game, because neither of the tied players would
want to end the game.  With the game dragging out, and
no one wanting to end, a ruling could be made that if
a certain number of moves are mde without a capture
then the game would end in a draw much like the fifty
move rule in Earth Chess.  (doesn't necessarily have
to be 50 moves in this case.)  In the case at Origins,
we were all very closely matched, (I think we had a
four way tie at one point)so determining an actual
winner could have been about the same as a dice roll.

And, besides, IMHO three player martian chess is more
fun than 5 player martian chess.


--- Ryan McGuire and Kerry Breitenbach
<kerry_and_ryan@xxxxxxx> wrote:

I know you all have been anxiously awaiting the
results of this year's
Martian Chess Tournament at Origins to be published.
 Well here they are:


If you see any errors, let me know.


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