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Re: [Rabbits] Gay as "Retarded and Infantile" slang

  • From"Billy Brahma" <billybrahma@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateFri, 08 Sep 2006 00:22:08 -0400


As much as I respect you after meeting you at Origins...

Diversity is acceptance.. Biggotry is hate.. Making point of someone for using hate words is the sign of true acceptance of everything but biggotry.

And Steven.. I'm gay. I've never once heard a single gay person 16 to 116 use that word. They see it as an attack. In midtown Atlanta its considered as strong a word useage as the 'N' word. A judge in Atlanta actually released a man from a Agg Assualt charge by making the decision that the useage of the word as " Infantile and Retarded " is in fact Hate Speech.

And.. asking someone to apologize for being a jerk.. is not politically correct. Its pretty much common sense.

Lets change the Slang for Infantile and Retarded.. to America's Funniest Video's.. at least there you have an applicable example.

Robert Bunn

Proud Member of:
Americans Coming Together
Democracy for America,
Georgia for Democracy
League of Conservation Voters

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Subject: Re: [Rabbits] Giant Pyramids
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Lets get over the fact that he's not Politically correct and realize
the meaning of his words - not the literallity of it.

Around here, even gay people say thing's are "gay" when they mean that
it is infintile, simple, or so luticrise (sp) that it's not worth
trying/doing/thinking about.

So get off your PC stools and give the guy a break. For a group that's
all about diversity, you like to be touchey about some things hu?

> First of all, I fail to see how the sexual preference of a game is of
> any concern to us.

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