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Re: [Rabbits] Gay as "Retarded and Infantile" slang

  • FromZev Sero <zev@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateFri, 08 Sep 2006 03:14:01 -0400
Billy Brahma wrote:

So get off your PC stools and give the guy a break. For a group that's
all about diversity, you like to be touchey about some things hu?

Diversity is acceptance.. Biggotry is hate.. Making point of someone for using hate words is the sign of true acceptance of everything but biggotry.

This is just so twisted.  Can't you hear yourself?  War is peace.
Black is white.  Hate is love.  Your definition of "diversity"
sounds like Henry Ford's apocryphal "you can have any colour you
like, so long as it's black".  And stoke the bone fire for anyone
who dares to step outside the reservation.  Once all dissenters
have been purged, there will be peace and unanimity.

Well, if only one kind of opinion is to be allowed, I don't see
why it should be yours.

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