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[Something] Making cards (was: Selling mtg cards)

  • From"Elliott C. Evans" <eeyore@xxxxxxxx>
  • DateWed, 24 Oct 2007 09:48:59 -0700 (PDT)
miyu wrote:
> Do you have a link to buy Plaincards online?

Yes, and you are going to feel silly when you see it. =^>


David A. wrote:
> I though that was a "push," given that we're speaking of re-purposing
> existing cards. You're not considering the new trees that must be
> brutally murdered in their prime, to make PlainCards; whereas the souls
> of those trees that gave themselves to MTG or SF were long ago put to
> rest and forgotten....

Trees and dinosaurs in your sticker sheets, buddy.

> > Plus, your deck says "Shadowfist" on the back
> What's your point? I happen to like Chinese women doing flying side
> kicks; doesn't everyone?

How do you tell your decks apart>

> > and you make Shadowfist designers cry.
> I think they all hung themselves back in the 20th Century;

One of them won the 17th International Icehouse Tournament in 2006.

> Besides, SF *is* a cool game;

Never played it myself, but it does seem like a cool game.

> (OK, OK, that's a push--gotta print on the sticker sheets to make
> proxies... but not the backs!)

You don't have to print on the backs of Plaincards, either; you can
get blue or red generic backs.

> How are they on long-term bleed-through?

Never had any problem with bleed through using printer ink. Markers
might be a different story.

> Are they in any way see-through?

I haven't noticed any see-through with printed backs. They're as
thick as decetn quality commercial playing cards.

> Can they accept laser printing?

I haven't tried, but I don't see why not. The matte finish cards
and pattern cards have no coatings on the blank sides.

> Do they flow well through high-speed printers?

I don't know, I haven't tried. The ones I have are held pretty
firmly by the perforations, so they might be OK. There's a newer
generation now with different perfs, though, so I can't say.

> How ragged are the perforations?

The first-gen cards I have have very visible perforations.


A plaincards representative emailed me last year saying they have
updated the product and reduced this problem, but I can't say.

> How many do you lose (tear, crease, smear) per sheet, in disassembly?

I didn't lose any, but I'm patient letting things dry and folding
the perfs backs and forth until the tearing is easy.

> How do they shuffle? How about after a hundred shuffles?

They shuffle fine and continue to shuffle fine on the decks I've made.
They're like commercial playing cards.

> How much is the clear-coat spray (sold on the site), per card?

I didn't use the clear coat because it wasn't important to me, and I
think you need special cards to use it anyway. It's just an acrylic
fixative, so you might be able to save money buying locally.

> In all seriousness, though, I really do think it's "better" to
> re-purpose existing, heavy duty cards than to build from scratch with
> some kind of perf sheets. Recycle, Reduce, *Reuse*, doncha know.

Let's not forget about the backing sheets for your stickers that
you're landfilling, and all the plastic wrap from your retail decks.

Elliott C. "Eeyore" Evans