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Re: [Fluxx] Must draw first?

  • From"Elliott C. Evans" <eeyore@xxxxxxxx>
  • DateFri, 5 Oct 2007 11:46:34 -0700 (PDT)
Christopher H. wrote:
> Okay, so the Fluxx Basic Rules say you draw 1 card per turn
> and play 1 card per turn.  My question is: Do you have to
> observe the draw rule BEFORE you observe the play rule?

I say "No."

You must, of course, draw at least the number currently shown
for your turn to be complete, but I do not think the order is
important. After all, if you play the "Draw 3" new rule onto
the basic rules, you draw two more cards even though you have
already played one.

This re-ordering of the turn does not exempt you from rules
like "Play All", however, as you must play all your cards
before your turn is over. I *would* say that trashing a large
Draw rule as your first turn action is a legal way to avoid
taking in too many cards.

I do also recommend drawing first for new players, as what
you draw can sometimes greatly influences what you want to
play. Players with experience know when to take risks.

Elliott C. "Eeyore" Evans