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Re: [Fluxx] Draw First + Other things & Clarification

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  • DateSat, 8 Nov 2008 03:15:00 EST
In a message dated 11/7/2008 7:03:25 PM Central Standard Time, madewokherd+8cd9@xxxxxxxxx writes:

The text on 1=2; 2=1 says that any occurrence of 1 on another card
should be treated as 2. 2 and 1 are both numerals, and they are on a
card that is not Inflation so I should be treating them as 3 and 2.
Which means I should be treating the 2 on the Basic Rules card as a 3.
I draw 3 cards. Yay!

1=2; 2=1 isn't 2=3; 3=2 until Inflation has already affected everything globally. This is entirely correct, you get 3 cards.

The same is true if you start with a 2. Applying 2=1, this becomes a 1, and then Inflation changes it to a 2. Applying Inflation first, it becomes 3, and then 3=2. So a 2 can only be a 2. Also, 1, 2, 5! still works in conjunction with both of these cards in play, however 1=2; 2=1 is more likely to conflict with 1, 2, 5! than Inflation is, however by chance, neither affect the same specific numerals. If there were two cards that both changed 5 to different numbers... no, even then, those cards change the other things.

1=3; 3=1 + 1, 2, 5! (first card is made up) changes all 3's to 5's regardless.

3=1 + 3=5 (1,2,5!) however does conflict. Either all 1's and 3's would become 5, or all 5's and 3's would become 1's.

So it IS possible for number modifying cards to conflict, however Inflation does not cause contradictions.

-Tobias Amaranth

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