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Re: [Icehouse] new Treehouse rules layout

  • FromRagnardove@xxxxxxx
  • DateSat, 21 Jan 2006 21:53:38 EST
In a message dated 1/21/2006 7:02:47 P.M. Central Standard Time, kristin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
Andy has created an all new version for your review:


Please print them and look for non pyramid fans to test them on...

Thanks for helping us playtest our games!
Looks fine to me.  I had to read the "dig" rules a couple of times - I still prefer the old one, but I can see how the new one may be better for newbies.
As a side question:  why is Black part of Rainbow.  Rainbows to me are light, airy... white goes better with that, I think.  On the flip side, I think of outer space when I hear the word "Xeno" and space = black to me.  I'd prefer White in the Rainbow mix and Black in the Xeno mix, unless it's already in place for those two set to be those mixes.  Just my tuppence on that subject.