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[Icehouse] Re: Single-Stash Games Designers Wanted

  • FromDavid Artman <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 03 Apr 2007 13:30:16 -0700
Hi again, folks;

To reiterate some stuff apparently not grokked from the last few

1) The Categories Single Stash and Treehouse Set will be searched to
find games that qualify for consideration. Thus, the easiest way to get
your game considered is to put it into one of those categories on the
wiki. Further debate on what the categories mean is moot, for the
project (though germane, for good wiki design).

2) Games already under Creative Commons or Open License will be
considered automatically, with required attribution as per the license.
Games not already CC or Open License will not be considered unless the
designer contacts me directly at the above e-mail address to grant
permission (though it's easier and more efficient to just put a CC
License statement on your game page). Games under copyright will not be

3) Games will be selected based on variety, brevity, ease-of-learning,
wow factor, and overall coolness. The number of games will be based
largely on the subsequent book size--ideally, the whole book including
"cover" should use up all four faces of a folded landscape page (see
5.1 below). Further, I'd like the whole book to weigh in under about 15
full sheets--60 pages--which keeps in around a dollar to print at a
Kinko's in B&W. Based on the book design, games average about 2 pages
each. Subtract 2 pages for the outer covers, 1 for the inner table of
contents, and about 3 for Terminology and Resources opening & closing
sections; and we have 54 pages remaining = ~27 games total.

4) Games can require additional playing equipment like dice, boards,
tokens, or Martian Coasters. In fact, I can only think of a handful of
games on the whole wiki that don't use other elements (basically only
the board-less, non-random games). Note that a game that uses several,
specific elements might not qualify (ex: if a game needs, say, an
entire Monopoly set or a roulette wheel or CCG cards).

5) These final deliverable will go to Looney Labs as PDFs:
5.1) The book, in colors that convert well to greyscale, 5.5" x 8.5",
two-up, duplexed, and imposed - Print it on a duplex printer, fold in
half, and staple/bind to make a digest format book.
5.2) A page of promotion cards which a clerk can print out and cut
apart, to place beside their Treehouse inventory. These cards will have
the URLs for the above book, the wiki, looneylabs.com, and an overview
of what each resource has to offer.

In general, folks, just keep the vision for the book in mind:
* A customer buys a Treehouse set; the FLGS clerk tells them about this
PDF (or give them a promotion card or has a few full booklets printed
to give away--not inconceivable, actually, as bulk printing rates could
get them down to about 30¢ each!).
* The customer learns a few extra games they can play with one stash.
* SOME of those games, however, call for Martian Coasters and such--they
head out for a set of those, too.
* OTHER games have variants that suggest how much fun they would be with
full monochrome stashes. Plus, they eventually stumble upon cool games
at the wiki or in Playing with Pyramids.
* They fill-out their first five-color full set.
* Their addiction is complete--they soon fill out their ten-color full
set, buy Volcano board(s), and become Rabbits.