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Re: [Icehouse] Treehouse wins Best Board Game of the Year

  • FromKristin <kristin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateSat, 14 Jul 2007 21:48:35 -0400
--On July 14, 2007  Timothy Hunt <games@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

On a more practical note, how can we, your loyal fans, help you
capitalize on this?  I'm already mentioning wherever appropriate that
it won the Origins award.  But is there anything extra we can do?

As we discussed last month in the "However..." portion of this article:

We are running really low on Treehouse sets...

 "As for reprinting, that may take a while regardless of when we sell
  out. Depending on how our search for capitalization goes in the
  next couple of months, we might have the new sets before the
  Holidays, or we might not. We are focusing on Zombie Fluxx first,
  with our current available cash. We're more committed to the
  Icehouse line than ever, but even so, we might be out of them
  for a short while in the coming months."

Trust me when I say I will be doing everything I can to be sure we
have them back in stock before the holiday, at which point I will
have a different answer to your above question about how you (the
loyal pyramid fan) can help us capitalize on this award...

...but for right now, the answer is : please help us promote Fluxx!

As Timothy knows, since he was at Origins, we have printed these
really cool new 10th Anniversary Fluxx Party Promo packs - to
give our fans something fun they can give away to all their friends
(and random assorted strangers) at parties this summer/fall - to
help us promote Fluxx and the upcoming release of Zombie Fluxx.

This page has pictures and more details:

As odd as it sounds - the best thing you could do right now to help
us capitalize on winning Best Board Game of 2006 for Treehouse, is
to plan and throw a really awesome Fluxx party in your neighborhood,
that will attract all sorts of random strangers to Fluxx - and write
up a cool report about your party on the new Rabbit wiki.

We'll be starting that conversation over on the Rabbit list sometime
soon - no rush since the cards are the wrong size and nobody can order
any of them yet...  I've kinda been waiting until I have a better idea
from my printer as to when the new cards would be ready.  sigh.

Thanks for helping us promote our games, Timothy!