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Re: [Icehouse] Monochrome Stashes - LAST CHANCE TO BUY

  • FromDoug Orleans <dougorleans@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateThu, 2 Aug 2007 18:54:34 -0400
swandive78@xxxxxxxxx writes:
 > >   From: "Alan Anderson"
 > >   You prefer to buy your colors in bulk, perhaps because that's how you
 > >   learned to use the Icehouse system. But the longer I think about
 > >   it, the more it seems to me like wanting to buy only the clubs
 > >   from a deck of cards, five of each card at once. :)
 >   Not really.  If a deck of cards was created that had eleven (did I
 >   leave any out?) suits, and you got to pick which four you used, it
 >   would be a better analogy.  However, in the Treehouse world, someone
 >   else suddenly tells you that they're picking which four suits you
 >   will be able to buy, and with what you get in a "minideck," you only
 >   get to play the games made for the current minideck, unless you want
 >   to buy more minidecks to construct a full deck to play the old
 >   games.  Do you see it a bit more clearly now?

I think a better analogy is with collectable card games.  If you want
to build a specific custom deck, you probably have to buy several
starter decks and a bunch of booster packs.  Then you have a bunch of
extra cards leftover.  What do CCG players do with these extra cards?
They trade them!  This is exactly what you should do with the extra
Treehouse pyramids you don't want-- sell them on eBay (or half.com),
or set up a trade on Boardgamegeek, or whatever.

By the way, it looks like you can still buy single pyramids and empty
tubes a la carte:


It's not cheap ($16 for a full stash plus tube, not including
shipping), but your complaints seemed to be more about convenience
than price, no?  Would you be upset if instead of discontinuing
monochrome stashes, they just announced a price increase to $16?


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