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Re: [Rabbits] Drinking Fluxx WAS [Event] KOL - werewolf by Bob Winans

  • From"Maria P" <mudpuppy1@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateFri, 4 May 2007 14:04:12 -0400
Gotta throw munchies (pretzels, popcorn,chips, etc) in there somewhere! 

An action could be "Can't hold your liquor" in which you must give a card to another player.
A goal could be (similar to Peace) Southern Comfort (the player with Whiskey & not other keepers on the table wins)

This is fun!  :)  --Maria

On 5/4/07, Nimrod Jones <nimrod@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
A Fluxx drinking game, you say?


Hard Drinkin' (Beer & Whiskey)
Eastern Comfort (Sake & Whiskey)
Girls' Night Out (Cocktail & Wine)
Student Night (Beer & Cocktail/Tequilla)

My Shout - Everyone gets a card and their drink topped up
Bottoms Up - Everyone who has a drink must immediately down it. Everyone
who does so gets a card.
Mine's Another - Draw a card for everyone who currently has a drink in
front of them.

That's just off the top of my head. Couldn't think of any New Rules just
yet and there's certainly more Keepers, Goals and Actions to be thought
of. :-)

Play Fluxx. Drink Responsibly. Don't throw up on the cards. - Or spill
your drink over them *again*!


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> good luck prying them away from 1KBWC. I've never managed to
> do it. (o: (Maybe a fluxx drinking game...)
> --Julia
> P.S. cThules (#230334) collects ocean motions and balloons
> (and a lot of other stuff). if you'd like a shiny new brick
> through the window of your barskin tent, kmail me. (o:
> Quoting miyu (xmiyux@xxxxxxxxx):
> > Another KoL player here! I also would love to go to one of
> the KOLCons
> > but could never make it.
> >
> >                    -Ryan
> >
> > On 5/4/07, Laurie J. Rich <knitmeapony@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > >
> > >Hurray Kingdom of Loathing!  I wanted to go to KOLCon but couldn't
> > >get the time off.
> > >
> > >It seems like KOLers would love Fluxx and Chrononauts too
> -- perhaps
> > >next year if I come we can strategically plant games throughout.
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