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  • FromMarnen Laibow-Koser <marnen@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 07 Aug 2007 22:15:40 -0400
On Aug 7, 2007, at 10:20 AM, Mad Hatter wrote:

I'm a bit surprised myself that you don't see any
drinking gamers where you are.  Maybe it's an area
hting, but I have always associated over 21 gamers
with drinking.

Perhaps it is an area thing. Some people in the groups I play with (all well over 21) simply do not drink at all; some do. But I have never seen any alcohol around when we play games. This is true across several gaming groups that I've been involved with over a fairly large area.

I'm in metropolitan New York, currently moving to Albany. Where are you?

The point of a strategy game, or any game for that
matter, is not about a "mental challenge" so much as
it is socializing and having a great time.

It depends. There are games I play simply for the social reasons. They are generally simpler, faster-moving games, like Volcano, IceTowers, or Jungle Speed. I could imagine these games going very well with a pint of beer, to be sure. But to me at least, games like (say) go, Settlers of Catan, Icehouse, or even Zendo are all about the strategic and/or mental challenge, and I'm totally focused on the game while I'm playing it. There's still room for friendly chatter, but I wouldn't want anything else getting in the way.

Both of
those things are something I tie greatly to drinking.

Good point. I have no such association between drinking and having a good time with friends, so this may be something I didn't fully consider.

Especially in the case of role playing games do I see
alcohol as a great boon.  People let loose those
roleplaying inhibitions when they have a pint or two
and are much more relaxed and worry a lot less about
looking or sounding silly when they speak and act in

Again, I am not sure I agree with you here, but here again I think it depends on the type of game. I really can't imagine alcohol being anything but a hindrance for a complex game with lots of rules (like D&D) or a "heavy", serious LARP. On the other hand, a silly role- playing game like Ninja Burger could certainly be helped along by a beer or two (or sake, in this case!).

You sound to me, and no offense meant at all, like
someone who either does not drink or does not do well
with the drink.

You're right, I don't drink more than minimal amounts of alcohol. No offense taken; it's a conscious choice on my part.

It seems to me that some of the most
vocal people against alcohol are, ironically, people
who have no idea what it feels like to be a few pints
down and really are just going on what they have been
told about it and the irresponsible drinkers they have

I do not think I fall into this category. I'm not "against" alcohol, and I do enjoy an occasional beer/cider/mead/whatever. I just don't think it mixes terribly well with many games, for the reasons outlined above. I also am not reacting to irresponsible drinking (everyone I know who drinks is quite responsible about it), nor am I ignorant about what it feels like to be a few pints down (it is not a feeling I like).

Yes, there are a lot of well behaved children, but if
you are going to get a bit from both camps I would
just rather take none from either.

I disagree here too. One of the ways children *get* well-behaved in the first place is by being put in "adult" situations with the clear expectation that they are to behave themselves appropriately. The corollary of that is that I guess I think there's something of a categorical imperative to include well-behaved children who can get along effectively with adults.

Adults with their
own income are going to, in general, spend more than
kids leeching their parents money.

And adults with kids tugging on their sleeves will spend more than either. Retailers know this and plan accordingly.

Marnen Laibow-Koser

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