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Re: Gamer bar -- was: Re: [Rabbits] no more hobby store.... I am sad

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  • DateTue, 07 Aug 2007 11:06:18 -0400
My favorite place in the world to play Treehouse is a bar.  Not a gamer bar, not even necessarily a gamer-friendly bar.  Just any bar you happen to be at.
I introduced some of my closest friends to the wonders of all things pyramidal at just such a bar (a pub in England, actually) when we stopped in for a couple of pints after a soccer match.  The progression from, "What the hell?", through, "Oooh.... pretty", to, "So, how does this work?, to finally (and repeatedly!), "Let's play again!" was priceless.  And has been repeated each time I've whipped out a tube at a bar. 
I even started a game at Halftime of a Giants playoff game last season, and we didn't notice the second half kick off. . .
The best thing about pyramids and bars?  The beer can't damage the plastic - not always true of Fluxx cards!
My 2 cents.
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This reminds me. I brought FLUXX to a 'girls night'. I just had one drink (I rarely drink- they ordere a fuzzy navel for me- kinda yuck- like bad orange juice)...anyway. They were all a bit tipsy. And the game wasn;t a "serious. I'm gonna play to win game," but they sure had a LOT of playing! And like you said- winning at FLUXX can be done just esily half drunk- it's often luck of the draw. They said I brought thatgame on pupose to confuse them because I knew they'd be drinking. I thought, "If I wanted to do that, I'd have brought Volcano or Martian Chess".
I see nothing wrong with drinking while playing... but I think maybe that should be done at home. If you have 5 tables of different gamers playing different games and they are all inebriated I can only see that as becoming very loud and too much commotion.And that's not make a good game playing environment for the entire store.
But a 'adult gameing store' with alcohol is fine- as long there is a family friendly one in town, too.

On 8/7/07, miyu <xmiyux@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I agree with you entirely.  I too know many many gamers who prefer to have a beer or three while gaming.  I also kind of laughed when someone said something about alcohol inhibiting the mental function required to play and enjoy games.  I immediately thought that I could just as easily win at Fluxx as tipsy as can be. :lol:  Several of the LL games could easily be enjoyed very inebriated because they aren't huge brain burners.


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