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  • Frommiyu <xmiyux@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 7 Aug 2007 10:26:11 -0400
I agree with you entirely.  I too know many many gamers who prefer to have a beer or three while gaming.  I also kind of laughed when someone said something about alcohol inhibiting the mental function required to play and enjoy games.  I immediately thought that I could just as easily win at Fluxx as tipsy as can be. :lol:  Several of the LL games could easily be enjoyed very inebriated because they aren't huge brain burners.


On 8/7/07, Mad Hatter <angry_hatter@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I'm a bit surprised myself that you don't see any
drinking gamers where you are.  Maybe it's an area
hting, but I have always associated over 21 gamers
with drinking.

The point of a strategy game, or any game for that
matter, is not about a "mental challenge" so much as
it is socializing and having a great time.  Both of
those things are something I tie greatly to drinking.
No, alcohol need not be present to have a good time,
but I hardly see it as something to inhibit said

Especially in the case of role playing games do I see
alcohol as a great boon.  People let loose those
roleplaying inhibitions when they have a pint or two
and are much more relaxed and worry a lot less about
looking or sounding silly when they speak and act in

Ora, lege, lege, lege, relege, labora et invenies.

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