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Re: [Rabbits] Top posting

  • From"S. R. Black" <srblack1167@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateWed, 10 Nov 2010 13:07:49 -0800 (PST)
Top posting has become popular due to the fact that many email clients
can now merge the quoted text to a little line at the bottom.

I agree that top-posting sucks. The person is expected to be reading
all of the previous posts in a thread - like presented in gmail - and
keep track of the email in that way.

So, people with gmail and similar clients. Nice, you get to top-post
and it doesn't cause troubles... However, persons that have been on the
internet for 10+ years, and have become familiar with web edicit have
learned that top-posting is considered rude/lazy/confusing.

Top post if you desire. However, do so realizing that many people do
not appretiate it, and we'd rather you post in-line to what you are
responding to, or at the bottom of the messages - heck best if you just
delete all no-appropriate text for those that get the email list daily.

Point is, there are etiquite standards which have become obsolete and/or
ignored to the point of others no longer caring (or thinking us rude to
expect them to conform.)

You've been asked politely, informed why. We need not continue to be upset
with eachoter over this. We now know the what's and why's. If you choose
to do it your way, we understand and will put up with it. However, you
will be reminded on a simi-regular basis that it is not the proper way
of doing things. That is all.

Have a lovely day,
Steven Black

note: I can't spell half the time, sound it out if it's misspelled, sorry.


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