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RE: [Icehouse] Volcano preference question

  • FromScott Sulzer <ssulzer@xxxxxxxxxx>
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Personally, I think that the dividers are what make it a “Volcano” board vs. just another grid board.  Mind you, those grids do have their uses, but if that’s all you want, why not just use a Chess board and be done with it?


My personal desire for a craft project would be a “lightbox” Volcano board.  Since the only solid pieces in a standard Volcano set are the caps, this would allow the light to shine up through the board, illuminating the entire thing from the bottom, and would, in my opinion, look really neat in a darkened room.  The greatest problem with this type of design would be how best to get an even light distribution throughout the box.  For example, would a standard bulb work better or some small fluorescent tubes?  Clear surface or frosted to diffuse the light and keep people who were looking at the board from being totally blinded by it?  Line the interior with a shiny reflective surface, or a white gloss surface?  All things that would have to be worked out through trial and error, I believe.  The one other alternate that I though of for equal light disbursement was to set it up with a small bulb under each stack area, hmm, maybe LEDs with a switch so that each square could be color coded for setting up, but switched over to white light for play???


*sigh* and me without my tools…ah well, maybe I can figure something else out.


Scott Sulzer


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Hey All,


I know we've been caught up in the Treehouse debates, but I'd like to change the subject for a quick question.


When people are playing Volcano (or any of the volcano variants) - how important is it to have a board with dividers in between the pieces?  You know, like a standard volcano board instead of just a chessboard?


I'm asking because I'm playing around with a craft idea for Origins.  Just want to know if I should allow for the divider sections or if I can just put the chessboard in as is. 




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